My name is Lynne. I live in a very old village that has the remains of a 7th century abbey close by. It's beautiful here, lots of open fields and farmland, and the area is steeped in history. This is wonderful for artistic inspiration, and I'm close to the coast. There is something soothing about being by the sea, and I go as often as I can.

My family have been so supportive in running my business and help in so many ways! I couldn't possibly list them all, but among other things, my husband wields the camera and produces my beautiful product shots. My son designed my fabulous logo and business cards, and my daughter tests, wears, and also chooses to buy my jewellery. As you can see, I do tend to rope everybody in!

I like to try new things, and I love making quirky fun jewellery. I spend a lot of time sourcing beautiful beads and quality materials from all around the world, and often these come from ethical or fair trade suppliers, too. My styles are somewhat diverse – Boho, Steampunk, Ethnic or historically inspired, seasonal and the natural world, among others. I like variety!


Roman fort at Reculver

For the time being, this shop is only selling to the United Kingdom. However, I do also have an Etsy shop, so if you tell me what you want I can list it there for you instead.  Etsy now has guest checkouts, so you don't even need to have an account to buy something.

Other places you can find me: the beach, our garden, the... what? 

I have an Instagram account, where I sometimes post pictures of the aforementioned places, as well as local views, and I use the hashtag #rosebaycountry for that. My jewellery gets a look in, too!

Over on Twitter, as well as my latest products I like to retweet anything that is fun, interesting or quirky. So if you like daft stuff, come along for the journey. The more the merrier!

There will also  be a blog here soon, and I hope to regale you with lots of interesting jewellery-related posts, so watch out for those, too!