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  1. I don't know where the year is going to – its already two-thirds through March and it only seems like yesterday we were taking down the Christmas decorations!

    On this site I have added some fabulous handmade ceramic raven earrings with sterling silver ear wires. These would be perfect for animal lovers, those who love Gothic style and, of course, something different for Halloween.


    Over on Etsy, I have added some adorable little ceramic heart earrings in sunshine yellow and romantic red, and our upcoming products include this lovely batch of different-style necklaces, all to be sold on Etsy.


    Links the world of fashion and jewellery:

    These are believed to be the oldest pieces of jewellery in the world

    And if you missed my post on Twitter about the amazing Japanese fish who does art - 


    Check it out here



  2. The weather has been interesting here – howling winds and gusts of up to around 60mph. I'm sure this will have some of you harbouring thoughts along the lines of... 'Call that windy? That's nothing!' but its a big deal to us, and as a nation we're pretty proud of our ability to have weather alluding to all four seasons, and sometimes all in one day. We never know what we're going to get, and its not unusual to set off in the morning armed with suntan lotion and sunglasses, raincoat and umbrella, and something warm in case its freezing!

    However, all that was not enough to put me off from adding new products.

    On this site I have added some cool handmade ceramic Gothic-Halloween earrings with sterling silver ear wires. 


    Over on Etsy, I have, among other things, listed some fun animal pieces, beautiful ceramic earrings and several items of Boho jewellery. Upcoming products to watch out for include this lovely selection of multi-size bracelets, to be divided between here and Etsy.


    So, what interesting links do we have for you this week?

    From the world of fashion and jewellery:

    Vogue's Ultimate Guide To Autumn/Winter 2019 Jewellery

    The Tucson Gem Show

    Jewellery worn at the 2019 Oscars

    And if you missed this article on Twitter (why aren't you following me? You're missing some great fun stuff!)