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  1. Feeling chirpy this weekend?

    Last year I noticed some hungry little birds pecking at the solid snow-covered and icy ground in our garden and felt sorry for the poor things. At the time I didn't have any bird seed, so just put out some households scraps, but this lead to buying some seed, and my word, do the little chaps get through it! I only feed them in the winter months, as they don't really need it all year – and I don't think I can afford it, anyway!

    My winter feeding station goes by the name of 'Wild Rose Cafe' and I put out, among other things, seed, suet blocks and half coconuts, and, of course, household scraps. If you would like to do the same, check out this list from the RSPB:

     Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures!





  2. Over the last week or so I have added some cool Steampunk-style ceramic earrings here


    and done some new pictures of clipon earrings. These will be added shortly to my Etsy shop with prices ranging from about £9 - £12. Also on Etsy, I have recently listed ceramic earrings and pendants, shell pendants, and sterling silver earrings.



    And I thought you might be interested in this article talking about some of the jewellery worn by stars at the recent BAFTA's

    Soon be spring, right? But, did you know that there are two dates for the start of spring depending on whether you use the astrological or meteorological calendars? According to the meteorological calendar, spring 2019 will start on March 1 and last until May 31, while the astronomical calendar says spring will arrive on March 20 and last until June 21. So take your pick!