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Hi everyone – welcome to my new blog!

 Since you're here, I assume you're wondering who I am, and what you might be likely to find on these pages?

 Some information is here on my About page, but briefly, I hail from the United Kingdom, I'm a mother, jewellery maker, closet geek, and lover of coffee, fascinating words, quotes from any source, social history, fashion and jewellery history and anything interesting, quirky, fun, or just downright daft.

 With the above paragraph under your belt, you've already got a clue as to the kind of posts you will find here. I will be talking about my new products, various jewellery-related topics from the news, history, fashion houses and anywhere else I can find things of interest. Of course, that's the official line. What you will actually find here is some kind of hybrid blog that includes jewellery, the weather (well, I am English!) local views, lots of sea pictures, pets, other crafts – I come from a fairly crafty household – interesting links, certain fandoms and probably the odd film mention, too.

 So, if you want to keep me company over here -

 Come on in, the water's lovely!

 (No idea where this originated. The earliest use I can find is as an episode of the TV series Rising Damp, circa 1978, certainly earlier than Ruth Rendell's book of around 2006. I suspect the saying comes from before Rising Damp, possibly a poem, but I can't find it. If you know, I'd love to hear from you!)

 Told you I was a geek!

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